Version 1.0.6 announcement

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Version 1.0.6 will be released this week. Here is the changelog:

  • Added settings for "Photos" module: Max image size and Image quality (for jpg only)
  • Added ForumWP - Plus modules compatibility
  • Added Forum category, Topic tag IDs column
  • Added hidden styles for the topic, forum, reply actions when they aren't possible
  • Added edit topics/replies capabilities for ForumWP Participant user (enable menu view at wp-admin if it's visible)
  • Fixed AJAX preloader styles when scripts are pre-loaded before footer
  • Fixed UI elements styles
  • Fixed Profile page notices when there is a wrong user in the query
  • Deprecated reply permalink setting, because it's unusable
  • Changed templates: arhive-topic.php, forum.php, profile/edit.php, topic-status-tags.php, topic.php