Forum software without the bloat. ForumWP provides the core features of a forum with additional optional functionality for your forum available via our modules


Forum visibility

Decide who can view each forum by setting the forum as public, private or hidden.

Forum styling

For each forum, you can select an icon and color or set a featured image or apply no styling

Forum image

You can upload an image for each forum instead of using icons. Forum image will appear on forum list and individual forum page.

Forum view

Forums are displayed in a list for users to easily see your site's forums.



Topics list

Topic list design shows stats including topic views, likes, replies, and last update.

New topic modal

Users can create a new topic without leaving the page with the new topic modal.

Topic search

Users can search existing topics to find similar topics already created.

Individual topic

Modern and clean topic design with each topic having it's own unique URL.


Reply sorting

Users can sort replies by oldest, newest, most likes

Sub replies

Conversations flow with sub-replies appearing in a click to reveal section

Reply modal

Conversations flow with sub-replies appearing in a click to reveal section

Reply link

Each reply shows the time the reply was posted and is also a text link

Profiles & User Authentication

Profile page

Each user has a profile which displays a list of their topics, replies and where they can manage their profile details

Profile hover cards

Profile hover cards allow users to see who wrote a topic/reply without having to go to their full profile. 

Edit profile details

Users can change their profile details from ForumWP profile

User login & registration

ForumWP provides login and registration forms & login modals for quick login without leaving topic pages

Settings & Emails

Easy settings

wp-admin settings makes it easy to apply custom settings

Manage forums, topics & replies

easily manage forums, topics and replies from your wp-admin

Email settings

Easily edit emails and manage email settings from wp-admin

Manage modules

Decide which modules to use on your forums from settings

Add extra functionality to your site with our modules