Profile account: ultimate member or forumWP?

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So I've created an account page, similar to the one under ForumWP. I'm just not sure if I should have the ForumWP account form or the Ultimate Member account form, or both? I'm leaning towards removing the UM form, but I'm not sure and a bit confused.

Right now, I'm using both the ForumWP and Ultimate Member plugin on the site. But only the ForumWP account form saved my changes (I was updating the name field), which means I can't use the UM plugin on my site if the form doesn't save the changes? Our site was going to have a place for a forum and a member profile directory but if the UM form doesn't update, I will remove it from our site.  What's the best practice anyway, which form should we use for the user to update account info,  the forumwp or UM form?