New topic button is absent for custom user role

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Alex Ott 4 years

I'm using UltimateMember with ForumWP. 
With UM I'm having users registering with a custom user role. I've adjusted capabilities for that role to mirror capabilities that are added by ForumWP to standard Sabscriber role under standard installation. These are:

  • edit_fmwp_replies
  • edit_fmwp_topics
  • fmwp_edit_own_reply
  • fmwp_edit_own_topic
  • fmwp_post_reply
  • fmwp_post_topic
  • read

However, when I'm testing, a new registered user with a custom role (not having Subscriber role, but a custom one) is not able to create a new topic. 

Please help. This is an urgent matter.