Getting specific forums to display under a category

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Hi is there a way to get specifics forums to display on a page in a group?

I have 3 categories, all with 6 to 10 child categories. I want to display 3 groups of forums, and list all child subcategories and not it's parent. So far I've been able to list the 3 groups, but the problem is it lists a 4 group, which is all forums, so it looks like this:

Forum group 1
all categories and subcategories

Forum group 2
Category 1: Subcategories 1 to 6

Forum group 3
Category 2: Subcategories 1 to 6

Forum group 4
Category 3: Subcategories 1 to 10

I am trying to delete the first group. But when I do that, I loose the template design. I've also used the shortcode  [fmwp_forum id="{forumID here}" /] but it only displays topics in a specific forum, I'd like to display the forum titles in a category. Hope this is clear? 

Any help appreciated!