FWP & UM integration issues: two login pages, UM user roles cannot add topics, UM theme sidebar, theme styles

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Hi there,

I installed FWP on my UM site today. I have the UM-FWP integration extension activated. I am also using the UM theme with a child theme. I really am liking it so far – but from my point of view, there are a few wrinkles waiting to be straightened out.

For example, FWP creates a second login page. When my users now login on the UM login page, this redirects to the FWP login page (instead of the homepage as before) and displays the message "You are already logged in." This is not expected behavior. My solution was to just delete the FWP login page.

Another issue is: When my UM members solely have a UM user role, they cannot add topics or replies (even if they are enabled to do so on the single Forum page). Only if I manually add an additional WP role (such as "Editor") or FWP role (such as "Participant"), these users can participate in the forums.

Also, a rather simple issue: On single Form pages, the UM theme displays a sidebar *below* the content. Of course, there is an easy fix by adding custom templates, but surely the theme or the plugins should provide one.

Finally, the FWP documentation is pretty thin right now (yes, we're still in beta ;-). For example: Should I first install the UM-FWP integration extension and then FWP itself, or the other way around? Does it matter?

Looking forward to further working with FWP and UM!