Permissions of Forum User roles

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Biolabguy 4 years

I just installed ForumWP.  I set up a dummy user as Forum Manager.  To start, this user role would get the option of creating a new forum or topic from the dropdown, but it would just refresh to the home page.  By updating the role to allow access to wp-admin, it now seems to work.  However, a user with this role seems to be allowed to create new posts.  I want a role that can act as Forum Manager, but can't add new posts.  Is this possible?


Also, just noticed that there doesn't seem to be an easy way to change the recipients for emails.  The admin email is listed as the recipient of pending topics and replies.  I would like to set this to the Forum Manager and the Forum Moderator.  If these emails do go to them, why does it not show in the Email tab?