There is a notification limit for ForumWP: timeout after 205 seconds.

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There is a Timeout Limit for Notification in Plugin. Can be that it is only time limit or something like this. 
On our Interface or SMTP Server there is no limits! We checked it twice. 
Currently only about half of the users are notified about a post.
Our Log wrote that: Plugin send notifications to 2.003 users from 10:48:17 AM till 10:51:43 AM. And stop. 
The next job was started at 10:52:05 AM 
Do you have a Timeout after 205 seconds?

We also sending notification with another plugin and the same SMTP Server, which is working very well. 
Is there a log file or anything else that could help you for the error.
Alternatively can we get our money back so we would look for another working plugin

I already wrote it here:

but didn't get any answer! And would be really glad about an answer!