Not all subscribers got a notification! Notification Limit?

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Hello Aswin Giri, unfortunately I still didn’t get a clear answer on my question.
Here: and here:

Our SMTP server is working well with App we can reach all 5969 subscribers but not with Forum WP. Forum WP stops sending notification out of Forum.

We already set PHP / Script Time on 10 Minutes. We checked our Server and do all we could.

Unfortunately, Forum WP just stop sending E-Mail after an amount on users. We know that from the Log List of SMTP Server.

For example notification process starts: [05/29/2024 10:14:50 AM] - Headers: , To: ab**@***, Subject: [AC.Events für alle] [AC.Jahrestreffen] virtuell in 2024

after 2603 sent E-Mails working prozess stops with:
[05/29/2024 10:19:25 AM] - Headers: , To: Ma***@***, Subject: [AC.Events für alle] [AC.Jahrestreffen] virtuell in 2024

Or another example
Start with
[06/19/2024 3:28:24 PM] - Headers: , To: Ab***@d**.com, Subject: [AC.Sonstiges] Nachhaltigkeits-Challenge für Schüler:innen

And ends after 2577 emails with

[06/19/2024 3:32:45 PM] - Headers: , To: M***@d**.com, Subject: [AC.Sonstiges] Nachhaltigkeits-Challenge für Schüler:innen

All Subscribers after M didn’t get a notification. We don’t understand why and what is the trigger for break of sending the notifications for the subscribers.