Email is sent when a reply is deleted via the front end

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Sebastian 3 years

during my installation of ForumWP with ForumWP Pro I just noticed an error that I don't know if it's just me.

Namely, I deleted a reply to a topic in the frontend. This topic was then displayed with the tag "Deleted". I then "deleted" the reply again via the frontend. So that is also deleted from the trash.

Then I had to notice that ForumWP has sent to all subscribers of the topic a one email that there is a new response to the topic. This is indeed not the case. After a reload there is also no new answer to see.

Can anyone else reproduce the error that when a topic has an active notification and a reply is deleted via the frontend, an email notification is sent with the title "A new reply has been posted to topic XY." is sent?


Many greetings